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SUPPORT for CRMPI's Future

As many of you know, CRMPI is undergoing a long and difficult process to receive a Special Use Permit with Eagle County after recent zoning changes (despite 38 years of teaching on the mountain!). The financial hit has been devastating for CRMPI, both in fees to the County and in the challenge to continue educational courses on site – the livelihood of the institute. Without the Special Use Permit, the future of CRMPI will be dramatically changed, without certainty to Jerome’s legacy.

We have one last meeting with the Eagle County Commissioners in January to discuss conditions upon approval. We now have hope that we will receive this special use-permit but we are going to need a lot of funds to meet the required conditions...

How can you help support us?

Please Donate to Jerome’s transition fund!

Beyond the SUP, the most immediate need at CRMPI is funding to support the livelihoods of permanent staff. This includes improved employee housing and contracted salaries for staff to help with daily farm tasks, volunteer coordination, classes, marketing, and ongoing infrastructure improvements. Without consistent and reliable staff to help with these tasks, CRMPI will continue to face challenges without the structure to efficiently and effectively overcome them.

For nearly 40 years, Jerome and the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute have shaken the ground of permaculture, offering the world’s longest running PDC program and inspiring environmental stewards all over the world. It’s our turn to give back. A generous donor has agreed to match up to $50,000 of public donations in support of CRMPI and Jerome’s transition. Please help us reach our goal!

Help the legacy continue – please give CRMPI your support today.