If you’re looking for a different, more hopeful future for the planet – we’ve been helping to build it here for the past 25 years!

Jerome1For more than a quarter century, the Colorado Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute has played a leading role in permaculture consultation and design, certification courses, advanced intensives, and workshops.

We are one of the oldest continually operating permaculture facilities in the United States – and we’re continuing to break new ground, now accepting registrations for the second year of our pioneering immersion training, the Permaculture Academy!

Visit us for a day, and experience our hands-on demonstration site tours of our mature forest gardens and pioneering passive-solar greenhouses here at a 7,200′ altitude in beautiful Basalt, CO.

Sample tropical – yes, tropical! – fruits from our on-site edible landscaping nursery. Chat with founder and director Jerome Osentowski and connect with our faculty and grads,  some of whom are also recognized permaculture leaders!

Discover why we don’t just inspire hope for the future. At CRMPI, we live it, breathe it, build it…and teach it.

Want to learn more?

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Or contact us directly at (970) 927-4158, or email Jerome@crmpi.org.


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Robert Denzler

    My wife and I plan to build a greenhouse on our property at 8,500 ft elevation in San Lois colorado. I would like to incorporate some of your ideas into the building.

  2. Ken Hood

    Hi Jerome, Enjoyed the video tour, unbelievable what you have done. I wish I would have got into this 20yrs ago because I would be there helping you in a heartbeat. Now at 55 , its kind of late. I was wondering how many acres you maintain this operation on and are your water sources natural springs? Thanks


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