If you’re looking for a different, more hopeful future for the planet – we’ve been helping to build it here for the past 25 years!

Jerome1For more than a quarter century, the Colorado Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute has played a leading role in permaculture consultation and design, certification courses, advanced intensives, and workshops.

We are one of the oldest continually operating permaculture facilities in the United States – and we’re continuing to break new ground, now accepting registrations for the second year of our pioneering immersion training, the Permaculture Academy!

Visit us for a day, and experience our hands-on demonstration site tours of our mature forest gardens and pioneering passive-solar greenhouses here at a 7,200′ altitude in beautiful Basalt, CO.

Sample tropical – yes, tropical! – fruits from our on-site edible landscaping nursery. Chat with founder and director Jerome Osentowski and connect with our faculty and grads,  some of whom are also recognized permaculture leaders!

Discover why we don’t just inspire hope for the future. At CRMPI, we live it, breathe it, build it…and teach it.

Want to learn more?

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  1. Robert Denzler

    My wife and I plan to build a greenhouse on our property at 8,500 ft elevation in San Lois colorado. I would like to incorporate some of your ideas into the building.

  2. Henry Baird

    My wife and I live in Colorado Springs at ~7000 feet and have been considering doing something different in our future. I retired here from the Air Force in 2005 and have been working as a defense contractor for a few years but have been looking lately for something to be able to pass on to my children and our grand son. I would love to talk to you about the opportunity Marjory Wildcraft has highlighted in her email.

    My phone numbers: (719) 266-9035 Home and (719) 650-4390 Cell

    Henry Baird

  3. Ken Hood

    Hi Jerome, Enjoyed the video tour, unbelievable what you have done. I wish I would have got into this 20yrs ago because I would be there helping you in a heartbeat. Now at 55 , its kind of late. I was wondering how many acres you maintain this operation on and are your water sources natural springs? Thanks

  4. Shirley


    I have just watched the video with Margory Wildcraft. Wow what you are doing is fabulous. I tried to sign up for your newsletter but unfortunately am not able to. Please would you add me to your email list.

    You are offering some incredible opportunities – I am open to the universe – lets see what unfolds.

    All the best.

  5. clara

    Hi Jerome: I would like to build a sustainable apartment with a green-house attached to it, at my property in New Jersey, but I need a sustainable architect to develop a plan. Do you think someone that you know could help me and if so, could you referr this peroson to me, please?

    Thank you,


  6. Brian

    I’d like to start by thanking you for being such an inspirational leader in sustainable and resilient methods of food production. I have been studying Permaculture independently for a number of years. I’ve had a lot of hands on experience (mostly through volunteer work) in a variety of climates. I’m currently saving money to purchase a large parcel of land at 8,000 ft in Custer County, CO. I plan to take your Permaculture Design Course as soon as I move to Colorado. I would like to consult with you on the economical viability, as well as initial funding of a semi-large scale agroforestry system. I also have some questions regarding your greenhouse design and some concepts that i believe will be a beneficial addition to my own designs.
    Thanks again & keep up the great work!

  7. Steve

    Hey Jerome,

    Michael Thompson told me to contact you if I wanted to get involved with the bigger picture of restoring and maintaining a sustainable means of living. I was wondering if there is still room/space available for me to learn and grow from the ongoing process you and your friends are a part of.

    Get back at your leisure.
    Sincerely, Steve Zocher

  8. Thomas Michael McClure

    This is for Ken at 55 years young. I am 75 and just getting started and i’m so excited I can hardly stand it! I am creating a waterless toilet and flower potty where I will grow eatable wild plants in the composted poo. Ken its never to late. I know when I was 55 I thought I was Old but I was really young. GO HELP HIM!
    I an converting a cargo van into a rv and living off the grid…..

  9. chris

    Hi All
    I live at about 3600 ft. in the high desert near Wrightwood, CA. We get some snow( the most has been 2 feet in the last 38 years). The temperature can drop close to 0 F. The biggest challenge I see is the glazing/film. The winds here get very high and are very gusty and shear. What type of economical glazing would you recommend for a walipini type setup?

    Thank you,

    1. Stephanie Syson


      We don’t have too much experience with walipini greenhouses, but for high winds, polycarbonate is the best if positioned properly. If you want to talk more please call us at 970-927-4158, we would be happy to consult with you about your goals.

  10. Jay Maxner

    The subscribe button did not work for me either. Please sign me up.
    How is the enrollment/space going with the June 2015 Permaculture Design Course?
    Also, what is nearest airport and do you pick people up there? Do people arrive on the 14th and depart on the 27th?
    Jay from Idaho

    1. Stephanie Syson

      Hi Jay,

      Apologies about the newsletter sign up, we’re not sure what the problem with that button is, it always works from here! We’ll go ahead and add you to the list and send you the most recent letter.

      There has been a fair amount of interest for this year’s PDC, if you plan to attend you should get your deposit in soon, and don’t forget about the early bird special!

      The nearest airport is Aspen, which can get fairly expensive at certain times of year, also check Grand Junction and Eagle. We do not pick up at any of these airports, but there is fair public transportation to Basalt (especially from Aspen), where we can pick you up.

      It would be best to arrive on the 14th, and depart on the 26th or 27th.

      Please let us know if you have any more questions, we are always happy to talk over the phone as well.


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