Seeking Executive Director

The Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute (CRMPI) is seeking an Executive Director/Education Coordinator who can take over operations of the 501©3 non-profit.  The 501©3 on-site operations are covered under the state of Colorado’s agricultural right to use rules.  The Executive Director will be responsible for coordinating the administrative and operational aspects of CRMPI as founder, Jerome Osentowski moves towards retirement.  Jerome will be closely involved with training the new Director in existing operations and steeping this person in the exciting vision of CRMPI’s future.

Like all lovingly tended permaculture sites, the vision and potential of CRMPI is massive as is the workload.  There will be lots of opportunities to dial in existing systems and to create new systems to transition CRMPI into a vibrant future.  NOTE:  the ED role will be responsible for coordinating educational activities, but eventually these are likely to become two distinct roles.  We are specifically looking for people with a wide range of “stacked function” skills.  The generalist type will thrive here!

The position includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Coordinate all administrative operations
  • Coordinate all facilities operations
  • Coordinate all classes and educational programs
  • Coordinate all volunteers, interns, WWOOF’ers, visitors and all other stakeholders
  • Grant writing and fundraising
  • Interface with CRMPI Board of Directors
  • Coordinate legal and book-keeping work
  • Work with Jerome to build on the existing CRMPI legacy and to envision the future
  • Coordinate newsletter, social media outreach and web updates
  • Work on creating and implementing a cooperative or other structure that can contain and support the non-profit and all stakeholders
  • Become the main point person and the “face” of CRMPI in the valley and beyond

CRMPI offers a well-established, high-visibility name and is home to one of the oldest, longest running PDC’s in the country.  Jerome’s Forest Garden Greenhouse book (published on Chelsea Green) has brought even more visibility to CRMPI in recent years.  The Roaring Fork Valley is a beautiful place to live, and the cost of “entry” into this community has become untenable for young people looking to start businesses and lives here.   CRMPI offers a viable alternative!

There is much to build on at CRMPI and we are looking for someone who can see that AND run with it into the future.   Education and fundraising are and will continue to be the bread and butter of CRMPI’s financial model and these two income streams should be the priority of any candidate for this position.  There is a solid lineup of workshops and classes scheduled for 2023 and more are in the works.

Any interested candidates should send a resume and letter of intent to

Jerome’s cell phone number is 970-456-3480 (calls only, please).