Greenhouse Consulting

CONTACT CRMPI • P.O. Box 631 • Basalt, CO 81621 • Phone / Fax (970) 927-4158 • Email Jerome Osentowski

Ecosystems Designs, Inc. ( , a joint venture between Jerome Osentowski and architect Michael Thompson, offers a wide variety of commercial consulting and architectural services to help you incorporate renewable energy and sustainable building technologies into your building projects. We can design passive solar greenhouses and residences that utilize radiant solar energy to provide optimal growing and living spaces for our clients.

Working with local governments and businesses, we can also help to integrate natural weed and pest management practices that reduce or eliminate the use of toxic chemical herbicides and pesticides.

“Phoenix” Greenhouse at CRMPI. Dimension: 72’ L x 26’ W

Growing Spaces, Inc. produces custom geodesic greenhouses at reasonable prices. Geodesic designs are very strong and can withstand the harsh Rocky Mountain weather. Give us a call at (970) 927-4158 and we will send you a informational brochure with price list. You can also go to our website at:

Permaculture Design

Ecological Golf Course Design

Natural Weed Control


Edible Landscaping

High Altitude Greenhouse Design