2022 Workshop Dates:

May 7th Greenhouse Design session: (Complete: Thank you for a great workshop!)

May 8th Forest Garden session: (Complete: Thank you for a great workshop!)

June 4th Greenhouse Design session: 9am-5pm Lunch and dinner included

June 5th Forest Garden session: 9am-4pm Lunch and snack included

June 25th Greenhouse Design session: 9am-5pm Lunch and Dinner included

June 26th Forest Garden session: 9am-4pm Lunch and snack included

Day 1 of the workshop will cover forest gardening, and day 2 will cover greenhouses. These may be taken together or individually. See workshop descriptions below…

Saturdays- Greenhouse Design and Maintenance Course:
This workshops will teach you how to grow your own food year-round, even tropical fruits, using Climate Battery technology. Learn the intricacies and design of greenhouse growing with an emphasis on perennial poly-culture and making the most of your space. Discover how you can stack functions to make your greenhouse more effective and efficient. Or, if you don’t have a greenhouse, just come to see how this low-tech greenhouse design produces papayas, bananas and other tropical goodies at 7,000+ feet above sea level.

This workshops offer hands-on instruction in the many aspects of high-altitude forest garden and greenhouse design, installation, and maintenance. Taught by Jerome Osentowski, founder of the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in Basalt, CO, they will cover topics such as:

  • a tour of CRMPI
  • hands-on forest garden and greenhouse work projects
  • forest garden and greenhouse design (including commercial greenhouse design and climate battery technology)
  • installation and planting schedules
  • maintenance and water systems
  • vermiculture
  • food harvesting and food processing.

CRMPI is blessed with five greenhouses, each with its own unique design and focus:

Phoenix is the largest and features fruiting papayas, banana trees and a mix of tropical perennials and annual vegetables
Mana is the next largest and features Mediterranean plants such as fig and rosemary
Cabin is an attached greenhouse primarily used for extra summer annual crops and medicinal + culinary herbs
Shree is a supplemental greenhouse featuring a rotating variety of annuals
CORE is a retrofitted hoophouse style greenhouse which houses annuals in the summers and keeps our nursery trees warm in the winters

Whether you’re interested in growing tropical fruit, just doing season extension, or creating a more healthy, sustainable, low maintenance, and productive home garden, these workshops will give you what you need to know!

You’ll also have a chance to explore CRMPI’s full range of permaculture design installations, including a 16-kilowatt PV system, two sunny johns, a passive solar home, extensive water catchment and a gray water system.

Come get your hands dirty in our 30 year old, one-acre outdoor and indoor edible forest garden!

Sundays-Edible Landscaping Course:

  • Designing and maintaining a forest garden
  • Developing the forest from groundcover to vines to overstory
  • Building soil with vermiculture
  • Integrating plant/animal guilds to promote biodiversity and fill essential ecological functions
  • Successful companion planting for the high Rockies

This is a unique opportunity to spend time in the 30-year-old, high-altitude forest garden at CRMPI.

Grow tropical bananas in the Rockies? That’s right.


Tuition costs $150 for one day or $300 for both days and includes meals and curriculum material.

To reserve your spot in the course please register here and pay your tuition by check (mail to CRMPI; PO Box 631; Basalt, CO 81621). We also accept payment by PayPal (to or credit card (call us at 970-456-3480) but we must ask you to please add a 2.9% surcharge to cover the fees we are charged for electronic payment methods.

CRMPI does reserve the right change dates or cancel for any reason at any time. We will be happy to refund or find a mutual solution in the event of changes or cancellations.

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