Whether you’re looking for a better way to manage your garden, or you want to immerse in permaculture as a new career, we have opportunities to suit your need. Take a look at the lineup  below, and check out the photo gallery from some of our courses!

Agroforestry School!!  

CRMPI’s Agroforestry School would train a new generation of land stewards in the design, installation, care and maintenance of both temperate and tropical agroforestry systems.

Based on a “roving scholars” model, students will attend 2-3 week long sessions at various agroforestry sites across the United States.

Annual Permaculture Design Course – 
This two-week, internationally accredited certification course, will lead budding or established permies through a mind bending journey of self, Earth, and communal discovery, covering countless brilliant examples of ways in which the three permaculture ethics and the twelve permaculture principles, distilled from the ultimate sage, nature herself, have been utilized all over the world and throughout history.

Permaculture Academy – 
A hands-on, immersive, two-part course covering Greenhouse and Forest Garden design in detail through activities and experiential learning! Take one or both sections, and come out with everything you need to know to design and create your own greenhouse and forest garden!

Weekend Workshops – 
This workshop offers hands-on instruction in forest gardening and high-altitude, low energy use, and low-cost greenhouse design, installation and maintenance. Taught by Jerome Osentowski, founder of the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute in Basalt, CO, they will cover topics such as: soil building, vermiculture, compost tea, sheet mulching, cultivating your soil food web, companion planting, Integrated Pest Management, medicinal and culinary understories, near net-zero energy use greenhouse design and materials, greenhouse maintenance and management, climate battery technology, passive heating and cooling techniques, and more!

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Permaculture Design Practicum

CRMPI & Broken Ground are partnering to host Permaculture Design Practicums on sites looking for greenhouse, agroforestry and/or permaculture designs.  A Design Practicum is a collaborative process that allows for a diversity of perspectives and design ideas at a specific site. If you have a property at which you would like to host a practicum, send an … Continue reading Permaculture Design Practicum


Gain a better understanding of Permaculture, its concepts and applications through these hands-on learning opportunities.

Volunteer & Internships

VOLUNTEER & Intern at CRMPI! Hello maker of change! We are seeking hardworking, motivated, independent folks with clear communication skills and an ability to work under pressure to volunteer or intern here at CRMPI. We are one of the oldest continually operating permaculture facilities in the United States – and we’re continuing to break new … Continue reading Volunteer & Internships


Let us show you around our five greenhouses and one acre of outdoor forest garden!


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