Whether you’re looking for a better way to manage your garden, or you want to immerse in permaculture as a new career, we have opportunities to suit your need. Take a look at the lineup  below.

Annual Permaculture Design Course – 
This two-week, internationally accredited certification course, will lead budding or established permies through a mind bending journey of self, Earth, and communal discovery, covering countless brilliant examples of ways in which the three permaculture ethics and the twelve permaculture principles, distilled from the ultimate sage, nature herself, have been utilized all over the world and throughout history.

As a PDC student, you will leave this course with a Permaculture Design Certification, a broad sense of possibility and direction for your future permaculture endeavors, whether they be personal or professional, and a close knit permaculture family!

Check out this video from our 2013 PDC!


Gain a better understanding of Permaculture, its concepts and applications through these hands-on learning opportunities.

Volunteering and Internships

We love our volunteers! We accept hardworking, eager, permaculture-loving individuals anywhere from one day to a whole week!


Let us show you around our five greenhouses and one acre of outdoor forest garden!


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