Right Livelihood Program

Join CRMPI’s team and support the visionary model of this long-running, high-visibility permaculture site into its exciting future.  All activities at CRMPI are covered under the state of Colorado’s agricultural right to use rules.  CRMPI has been rooted on Basalt Mountain for over 35 years and the resources at this site can easily support a wide variety of agricultural operations and products.  The livelihood program offers an exciting opportunity for individuals to step into the existing infrastructure and start earning a living from the agricultural resources that already exist there with minimal start-up costs.  This is a significant value given the high cost of living and real estate prices in the area.  We are looking for candidates interested in building agricultural product lines for sale in the community here in the beautiful Roaring Fork Valley or to a larger audience via the web or a combination of both.  We are looking for any and all of the following livelihoods:

  • Herbalist
  • Nursery/Forest Gardener
  • Annual Production Gardener
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Maintenance Person/Woodworker
  • Seed Saving Livelihood – (candidate in process)
  • Bring your own agricultural vision!

There is infrastructure at CRMPI to support the above (and more).  We will offer housing, land, tools, insurance, utilities, facilities and the name recognition/network CRMPI has been building for the last 35+ years.  Each livelihood will be considered and negotiated with CRMPI’s Founder, Jerome Osentowski, who has produced income from all of the above at different points in the history of his time there.  Additionally, we are actively recruiting an Executive Director for the non-profit who will be integral to the livelihood program.  Couples are encouraged to apply!  

In order to be considered for one of these exciting and innovative positions, please submit the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Letter of interest/introduction (cover letter) including your unique set of skills, resources you bring with you and resources you will need – no more than 1 page single spaced

Also, please be prepared to work up the following information to show your overall plan and viability as a small-scale agricultural operation:

  • Basic plan that includes your proposed:
    • Products
    • Sales channels
    • Financials
    • Market research

All materials and information can be sent to jerome@crmpi.org

Questions can be directed to that email or Jerome’s cell phone 970-456-3480 (calls only please)