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See below for details on our funding needs which include:

Jerome’s Retirement Plan

Carbon farming / Agroforestry / Make America Mulch Again


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CRMPI 2018/19 Goals

  • Jerome’s Retirement Plan

Over the coming year, CRMPI will undertake a succession-, financial- and strategic-planning process, involving the board, staff and other stakeholders in the organization. This will have to occur while CRMPI continues to carry out its ongoing educational programs, so it will place additional burdens on staff and will require extra resources outside of the operations budget.

The process will consist of the following:

  • Initial staff and stakeholder scoping sessions – designed to review organizational strengths and weaknesses, assess emerging needs and opportunities in the community, discuss and prioritize options, and make preliminary recommendations to the board
  • Board decision-making sessions – a series of facilitated workshops designed to culminate in strategic decisions on mission/vision, organizational structure, succession, programs, facilities needs, site ownership, staffing, finances, funding, etc.
  • Additional board training, team-building, gap analysis and expansion of the board

The tangible products of this process will be:

  • A succession plan – this will outline an intentional management transition, to be phased out over two to three years, along with a fundraising strategy for financing the increased staffing costs
  • A financial restructuring plan – this will identify a preferred strategy for leasing or buying the CRMPI property from Jerome, out of a range of options (e.g., increased lease payments to Jerome; capital campaign to purchase property; reverse mortgage-type financial arrangements, etc.)
  • A five-year strategic plan – the most substantial of the deliverables, this will specify CRMPI’s goals for the five-year period (programs, staffing, site ownership, site/facilities planning, funding, board development, etc.) and detail specific strategies for achieving them

The overall result of this process will be a re-energized, strategically refocused CRMPI that is ready to begin developing a new suite of programs designed to support and accelerate the growth of the Roaring Fork Valley’s local agriculture economy. While it would be premature to predict exactly what these programs will be, it is fair to say that CRMPI sees potentially strong demand for bringing its permaculture wisdom and hands-on learning to local school grounds and college campuses.

Funding this transformation is a high-leverage investment. It will bootstrap a small, inspiring but underperforming organization into one that is appropriately scaled and structured to deliver major benefits to our valley community – to schoolchildren and their parents and teachers, to local farmers building a more resilient local food ecosystem, and to consumers who will benefit from healthy, local food choices.

  • Carbon farming / Agroforestry / Make America Mulch Again!
    1. Digital education
      1. Training videos + handouts
      2. Update CRMPI website
    2. Agritourism program
      1. Tourists visit CRMPI and other local farms to experience farming, ranching, homesteading
    3. WWOOFers, Interns, Volunteers
      1. Exchange program with local farms
      2. Integrate a curriculum for these short-term visitors
    4. Community outreach
      1. Identify local organizations as partners
      2. Plan and execute educational presentations for a variety of audiences
    5. International research, education, and demonstration projects
      1. Hawaii
      2. Haiti
      3. Cuba
    6. Cedar Drive land easement/land lease
      1. Protect and put agricultural land into use
      2. Expand CRMPI’s living laboratories
  • Infrastructure
    1. Irrigation
      1. Revamp drip irrigation system in forest garden to improve efficiency and repair leaks

Thank you for your contribution!