CURRENT Nursery Availability List

Click on the link above to view PDF of current availability list.

We offer hardy fruit trees (apple, pear, apricot, plum,  cherry, mulberry), fruiting shrubs and vines (currant, gooseberry, grape), nitrogen-fixing plants (Siberian pea shrub, alder, silverberry), and other edible or otherwise useful perennial plants for the Roaring Fork Valley’s climate and altitude.

We also offer design, consulting, and installation services.

Sales by appointment.  For more information or to place an order, please contact Vanessa Harmony at or 720-273-2642.

Got a greenhouse?  Tropical nursery list available upon request.

Interested in heritage fruit trees?  Heritage nursery list available upon request.



As founding supplier for the Heritage Fruit Tree Project, our mission is to celebrate and revitalize fruit-growing heritage in the Roaring Fork Valley.

Check out this article by local journalist and gardener, Sue Gray, about why citrus plants are being threatened, and how you can help save them.

Check out another article by the Aspen Times about the Heritage Fruit Tree Project.