KDNK Community Radio

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88.1 FM Carbondale, Glenwood
88.3 FM Aspen
88.5 FM Basalt, Redstone

One thought on “KDNK Community Radio

  1. Alex Barnett says:

    I listened to some of the podcasts with anticipation. You had interesting topics and interesting people. I would like to hear more how to information, and learn more about the actual topic. For example, seed saving. Much time was spent saying how important it is, who is doing what, but almost no time was spent on talking about how to save seeds, which seeds to save, tips on processing saved seeds, annual vs biennial, crossing of seeds, etc.
    Spend less time complementing each other’s efforts, and more time on practical information.
    I hope you take this in the spirit of making the show more informative..

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