Support CRMPI’s 30+ years of permaculture research, education, and demonstration


Your support will help CRMPI cultivate…

  • Jerome’s Retirement Plan
  • Carbon farming / Agroforestry / Make America Mulch Again!
  1. Digital education
    1. Training videos + handouts
    2. Update CRMPI website
  2. Agritourism program
    1. Tourists visit CRMPI and other local farms to experience farming, ranching, homesteading
  3. WWOOFers, Interns, Volunteers
    1. Exchange program with local farms
    2. Integrate a curriculum for these short-term visitors
  4. Community outreach
    1. Identify local organizations as partners
    2. Plan and execute educational presentations for a variety of audiences
  5. International research, education, and demonstration projects
    1. Hawaii
    2. Haiti
    3. Cuba
  6. Cedar Drive land easement/land lease
    1. Protect and put agricultural land into use
    2. Expand CRMPI’s living laboratories
  • Infrastructure
  1. Irrigation
    1. Revamp drip irrigation system in forest garden to improve efficiency and repair leaks

Thank you for your contribution!